Overall transformation

The Beginning

Here it is, the beginning of a new and better version of myself. I started this blog, this site, and this transformation to help inspire (and perhaps teach) anybody interested in having more happiness and freedom in the one life that we have. How fitting that it is the beginning of a New Year. When that clock strikes midnight and we awake the first day of a New Year, it seems to be human nature to reflect on the past, the present, and have a fresh mind looking ahead. It doesn’t have to be January 1 – I often feel this way on my birthday too – and for me, the decision for a transformation began before the New Year, but I decided to put my commitment into full force when the New Year arrived. It helps that I went through a tough time, read a few motivational books, and met some new people who inspire me to be more successful. Even if you are not interested in transformation, or feel you already are living the life that is perfect for you, I encourage you to join me in my journey, share this blog with others, follow my Instagram, and please keep me accountable through your comments.

So what do I mean by transformation?

A lot of people roll their eyes when they hear of New Years resolutions so commonly expressed: “go to the gym more”, “eat healthier”, “drink more water”, “make more money” etc. Most people, including myself, start off each year thinking either “yes, I will do this!” and then lose motivation within a few months, OR thinking “I’m not making any resolutions because I never keep them anyway”. Sure, if that’s your mindset than you won’t be successful. If you hit a tough spot and give up saying “meh, I’ve already slowed down my exercise and eaten poorly a few days this year so I might as well eat this donut…and stop exercising…and maybe bake a cake and eat it after I consume this entire pizza”, you will never be a better version of yourself than you are right now. What I mean by transformation (wow that took a long time to get to the point, didn’t it), is I am on a journey to hit the tough spots and get over them. This is not just a New Year’s resolution but a conscious choice to make a lifetime change. When I start to fail I will continue to be grateful for the journey, push through, and remind myself of the end point. This end point can be so different for everybody but the common denominator is – Happiness. Are you the happiest you could be with your life? Have you made the healthiest choices with no regrets? Happiness and health go hand in hand, hence the title of this blog. Health to me is more than just how we look or what food or drinks we put into our bodies. Health is mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial. Yes, financial. A world can not function without money, and we can not enjoy what we love without money. If you don’t believe me, read You are a Badass at Making Money : it is one of the books I’ve read (okay, listened to on Audible) that has helped me jump into my new life with both feet and no life jacket. The point is: I will transform my way of thinking so that I will achieve my goals, finish the plans I set out to finish, have more freedom, and be healthier in every aspect of the word.

Baby steps.

In case I haven’t made myself clear this blog is going to be about my transformation. Since this is so broad a term, I’ll break it down into sections (as you may have noticed the categories of blogs you can search through on this site):

Healthy Body – having a body that I can still work with when I’m 80; that I can use to do things that I love such as hiking and biking; and that I can continue to strengthen and push to achieving my goals

Healthy Eating – putting things in my body that will help me live a long, good quality life; teaching my future children by example so that they may live without illness or injury; supporting the environment by eating sustainable foods

Healthy Mind – Maintaining a positive outlook on life so that I can overcome any challenges I am faced with; practicing daily gratitude so the universe works for me; getting over any fears I have about success and going for it – no matter how long or how hard it takes

Healthy Finances – Maintaining my freedom through money; Spending more time with family and friends thanks to money; having enough money saved to feel comfortable spending whenever I desire; Giving my money only to the things that give me the most happiness such as travel, my home, my family, my friends, and my health.

A part of this journey will be continuing to update this blog. Something I haven’t been successful with in the past, but plan to achieve success this time around. It might be daily, it might be weekly, but at MINIMUM it will be monthly. The rest of these posts will be about my transformation – the lessons I’ve learned, the gratitude I’ve felt, the struggles I’ve come across, and the changes I can already see taking shape. I hope to inspire others to start their own transformation through my journey, and eventually, to pay it forward to even more people. We only have one life. Why are we constantly making excuses for why we are not happy and successful yet? Why are we sitting back and watching our life pass by when we can be actively engaged in it?

Hopefully, I’ll soon have an answer for you.