Healthy Body

A Healthy Start

A Healthy Body:

As I was thinking about my transformation, I began getting a little overwhelmed with the amount of change I’ll need to do so to prevent myself from throwing my hands in the air and saying “it’s too much, it’s impossible”, I’ve decided to work on one thing at a time. Conveniently, I’ve already committed to a 10 day detox with healthy eating and increased exercise, called “Shred10”, by Juice Plus – a community I have recently been introduced to and am beginning to feel benefits from, in many different ways. As you may notice, I have posted my daily smoothies (I’ve actually had 2 a day, but don’t always post the second), and some healthy foods I’ve tried, which are a part of this detox. So, being on this detox is the first step to my healthy body and provided me with an easy place to start my new healthier life.

When I tell people I want to change, a lot of them ask me “why would you want to change? Your thin. You eat healthy”. True, I consider myself a fairly healthy individual. I try to limit my treats and exercise often. This change is not about being thin or eating well “most of the time”, it’s the beginning of living a life without guilt, without regrets. I am committing to better myself so that I can look back when I’m 80 and I’m still doing the hikes I love, still travelling by bicycle and being able to lift heavy things I need to in life (such as moving or shovelling the driveway, or picking up my grandchildren), and I can say “yes, I worked for this, and I’m happy”. It’s about looking myself in the mirror every day and being happy with my body, not because I just “look good” but because I know that I have worked hard and not given up.

With change will come challenges and I am human so I want to share some with you. I started this detox on Jan 2. I planned on eating healthy on the 1 also, though I still had my morning coffee, but failed because I had a late shift, missed my last break and was really craving pizza. Instead of ordering healthy fastfood or going to the grocery store to pickup a quick, healthy, frozen meal, I convinced myself I had one more day of indulging and ate all but one piece of a medium takeout pizza. I then proceeded to eat some of the remaining Christmas chocolate, and go to bed immediately after. I woke up the next day more than ready for a detox. The first two days were tough also. I accidentally ate some gluten the first day, and put cream in my decaf coffee the second (2 things I’m meant to cut out for these 10 days). I felt so bloated and tired, and will spare the details but my digestive system was not what it normally is. I came home from a 12 hour day shift (which is about 13&1/2 hours from leaving the house to coming home) and really didn’t want to exercise. Still, I put on my workout clothes, and blasted dance music to get in the mood while I prepared for my home workout. In the end, I felt good about it. The second day was a day off and I planned on going to a HIIT class at 1pm then joining my accountability buddy (aka Juice Plus representative) for “beer” yoga. I felt motivated when I woke up, cleaned the house, sat down at the computer and made this blog, saw 12:00 pass, then 12:30, then as it was getting to the last minutes I could leave and still make the HIIT class, decided “I’ll get my 30 min in yoga” and didn’t go. It’s this kind of thought that I am working toward eliminating. I am happy I went to yoga, and I did accomplish other things that day but I convinced myself to not be the person I am working toward, and will be more accountable next time.

As this entry is now getting a little lengthy I’d like to end with a positive note. I have exercised at least 30 minutes a day for the last 4 days. I have eaten healthy – plant only, no processed food, no caffeine, no processed sugar – the last 4 days, and I am feeling a lot better on day 4. I am so grateful to be in this journey to wellness and for the healthy body I have. I am so grateful for the many people in my life who love and support me and I am so grateful to have the means and accessibility to make a positive change in my life and live my one life the best I can.