Healthy mind

Staying motivated

So, yesterday was my final day of the Shred 10. The whole week I thought my last day was today, but as I saw the post “day 10!” My brain automatically wanted to go back to old habits. My first thought was “yes! That means I can have coffee tomorrow! And finish my Christmas chocolate!”. Then, consciously, I listened to those thoughts and remembered my goal. After 10 days of eating whole foods, drinking plenty of water, and exercising (nearly) every day I feel so great, so why would I ruin this good feeling? I am constantly reminding myself that change is not easy, but it is a decision I am making every minute of every day. I did wake up today, debating whether to have my decaf coffee or herbal tea, as I have the last 10 days, or indulge. I convinced myself to indulge in a cup of black tea with cream and I am totally okay with that decision.

The point here isn’t about feeling like a failure every time I have something bad. It’s about consciously realizing what I’m choosing, and consistently choosing things that bring me closer to being a holistically healthier person. When I tell people I know that I’m working on becoming healthier, the common response is always “but you are healthy!”. Sure, compared to a lot of people I eat healthy, I exercise fairly regularly, and I am a pretty positive happy person overall. I’ve been through this before but the point is how I feel about myself, not how I am perceived. I believe that small change is a catalyst for larger change and getting over the mental battle is my biggest challenge. I can choose to listen to everyone and go on living my pretty good life, or I can change my mindset, stop making excuses, and live a pretty AMAZING life!

Getting to the point, I’ve realized to stay motivated I need to do a few things: form a routine (ex. having a smoothie and exercising when I wake up – no matter what shift I’m on), visualize my goal every time I feel myself falling back into old habits (ex. feeling strong when I look in the mirror, imagining my energy as I hike up a mountain or bike up a steep hill), and find supportive people to share my journey with. Now that I am already beginning to feel great about my body, my next goal to add is to work on a healthy mind: More than just positivity in bad situations.

My goal: By the end of 2018 I will be meditating at least 5 minutes a day. I will do this whenever I feel myself falling and have the urge to give in to old habits – such as indulging in a lot of chocolate or cookies, saying to myself ‘the days wasted anyway so I’ll just sit here and do nothing until I go to bed’, or feeling bad about myself. I will also continue to meditate before bed (no matter what shift I am on).

Cheers to a healthier mind. Namaste

(This photo was taken in early December at an inspiring event – a representation of my healthier mind)

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