Summer – Goals and Distractions

img_20180205_213253_786It is now the middle of July, and we have been blessed here in the Canadian north with a hotter, longer, summer than past years. Sure, we’ve had our thundershowers and days of cooler weather here and there (namely June), but I feel like climate change really does show its face up here at times. Not that I’m complaining. The down side to this lovely weather is that all I want to do is go to a large body of water and swim, climb mountains, or cycle. These things are also not bad but they remind me that I need to focus on my goals so that I CAN have summers where I can do all of that AND make money. I’ve talked about the whole person and health in different meanings of the word – right now I am talking about decreasing the time spent working for someone else, increasing my financial health, and time freedom (which allows me to focus on ALL areas of health). Notice how when you are distracted or unhappy you don’t eat as well? Notice how when you don’t eat well you aren’t likely to have energy to exercise or do much at all? If you don’t have the money to eat well or take the time off to get out in the sun, socialize, or try out new activities that also impacts how you feel and how close you are to achieving your goals. It all ties together. I know this, in theory. I even know this in practice (looking back) but right now I struggle with seeing the end-game and avoiding distractions.

What’s helping me avoid the negative cycle above is A – having someone/multiple people to keep me accountable, and B – getting a routine! I am human. It is the middle of July and I am not where I thought I would be when I started this blog in January.. but I am still trying and I am celebrating that! The big thing for me is constantly reminding myself of my vision – work hard now to celebrate EARLIER.



I keep photos like this in my vision to remind myself of where I want to be. 10 years used to sound like a long time, but then I read a book that went something like this “You’re going to be living those 10 years anyway. Instead of just watching each day pass by, doing the same thing, why not work on something while life passes you by?!” I admit. I have forgotten.  I have gotten distracted, discouraged, and unmotivated.. as the title suggests, I am human. However, with goals clear and in my vision at all times I can bring myself back. There’s no shame in starting over multiple times. It’s giving up that won’t get you anywhere. I came close, in my business and my goals. I almost fell into the oh so common ‘well I am not extraordinary like Oprah, so why bother having dreams that will only disappoint?’ – then I was reminded, it is up to me to achieve my goals and work toward them.  It will take hard work, sacrifices, and getting out of my comfort zone. It will take CONSISTENCY and perserverance. Also, I am learning to not be so hard on myself because sometimes that makes it worse.

While I’m here I want to set out my goals in public again – specific goals with TIMELY deadlines. (I won’t get too specific on here just for personal privacy reasons, but you can guarantee I am getting even more specific with myself in writing)

3 Months – 1. To work for myself DAILY – 20 minutes minimum – so that I achieve the next promotion available BEFORE END OF 3 MONTHS and make a positive impact on more individuals’ health and lives. To ensure I achieve this, I will put a reminder in my calendar and set aside the time like a very important appointment with someone else (because I should be that important) 2. By the end of the 3 months, will be re-evaluating my goal and setting 30 day baby steps

6 Months – 1. To achieve the next step in my business, making my minimum 20 minutes a habit and taking more initiative weekly. 2. Have ALL DEBT paid off & celebrate with a dinner/weekend away – have budgets set and follow them

12 Months – 1.  Be in a Leadership position, making enough money to pay for my bills. 2. Achieve one thing on my bucket list – re-evaluate my goals and vision boards.

I must be honest, I’m struggling to come up with short term goals, but I’ll continue to work on them. Also, you may have noticed these goals are primarily financial. Of course, I have healthy body, mind, and soul goals as well but haven’t thought of anything specific or timely (in the way of months). I would like to be better at meal planning weekly, exercising AT LEAST 2-3 times per week (45 min – 1 hr) plus 30 minutes of activity a day. I would also like to set aside time to my mind as mentioned in my last post – doing a NON-SCREEN activity such as writing, reading, playing guitar, or simply being present. Lastly (for now) I’d like to be more present for my family and friends – timely with birthday wishes and other special occasions, planning activities they want to do, listening and asking more questions.

Well, I’m enjoying this lovely weather and working on my goals with the sun shining hot, reminding myself that nice weather and goals can still go hand in hand. In future summers I’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of my labors – spend all summer in nature and with the people I love. (so here’s a repeated poster – because it’s still important):