Hi. I’m Sonja. I’m an RN. I am a positive thinker and an active person. In my mind, I consider myself a hippie: someone free, relaxed, colorful, and all natural. I am on a journey to becoming a Healthier Hippie, where I am all of those things above not only in my mind but in practice – to the fullest sense of the word. I am transforming to living a life where I can choose where I go and when (with the input of those I love of course), where I am not fearing whether or not I should/can, where I make the time to express myself, and where I have a body that allows me to do all of these things. This is not about losing weight or feeling guilty for eating the glorious bad foods life has to offer (ice cream and chocolate? yes please!). This is about feeling good about my life – and if I were to die tomorrow, that perhaps my family could feel good knowing that I am doing what I love, and being who I want to be – no restrictions. This isΒ also about inspiring others to take the same action, and live the life you want to live! Join me,Β update me, follow me on Instagram. Whatever it takes toΒ be accountable for your own life, do it!